Serviced apartments in Lugano – Switzerland

La Residenza serviced apartments in Lugano (CH)

La Residenza: almost like having your very own rental home in Ticino.

As the local folk would have it, life in the Ticino region is marvellous: “A small Region, in a big world,” is their motto.

Certainly, being able to rent a home here is a desire held by many, but sometimes, rental costs for an apartment mean that this remains a dream. One easy, handy and convenient solution is to rent an apartment, almost a small house, with us and at cost-effective rates.

It is a good way to understand whether living in this region is right for you and also to get to know the area without being committed to the cost of renting a house. Our facility in Lugano is the perfect way to discover this area because it is located in the lovely setting of the Castagnola residential area, one of the most well-to-do districts of the city of Lugano; it is a very short walk from the lake and it also has all of the amenities, privacy and security needed for you to live undisturbed, such as a daily concierge service and 24-hour assistance for emergencies and urgent problems.

The lovely rooms, some with kitchenette and others with views over the lake, are available for rent for periods from 3 months onwards and in some cases, for shorter amounts of time.


Being able to use a rented home for a few months is the best way to understand if the Ticino area is right for you, but renting an apartment or a house for a short time is impossible; no one will rent a house for just three months. At our facility you can rent a mini apartment, not so different from a small home, for a brief period of time while you get properly organised for a future life in Lugano.


To understand how nice it is to be able to enjoy your own rental home in this area, just remember the popular saying that goes: “the stars at night crowd together in the heavens for a place from which to admire Ticino”. It is the southernmost canton in Switzerland, a place where the weather is always mild; summer comes early and leaves late and this can also be considered an excellent reason to rent a mini-home with us in Lugano.


The people are a mixed border population and the 300,000 inhabitants have taken the best of the different cultures that have mixed together in this marvellous Region, making Ticino an area of great charm, modernity and internationalism but at the same time, attached to its traditions and with excellent culture when it comes to wine and food.


A rented home here means being able to enjoy the splendid climate, a host of services, excellent security and wonderful hospitality. At our establishment in Lugano, we put looking after our guests and their needs first and anyone renting an apartment will truly feel at ease in a small home with every comfort, including broad band connection in every room and cable TV with 30 channels. Breakfast service is included every morning in working days.


The rates are very cost effective and guests can change their rental period to suit their needs. This area and specifically, Lugano offers lots of opportunities for leisure and cultural activities and above all, enchanting walks. Mountains, valleys, parks and gardens, an extraordinary wealth of plant species that add to the view and the fact of being able to stay in these lovely places, at our House.


Before deciding to live in and rent a home, it is really worth trying out the area by renting an apartment at our facility in Lugano. This solution will allow you to see just how many wonderful opportunities this Canton has to offer those who want to live there and choosing a short-term rental is the most cost-effective, least binding solution.

Renting a home in this region also means living in a part of Switzerland that is one of the best in terms of its food and wines. The roots of Ticinese traditions lie within the great culinary culture of Italy and Lombardy in particular; therefore, gourmets staying in Ticino, at our House, will also be near to some of Switzerland’s most famous restaurants, as well as being in a location that is greatly appreciated by visitors from all over the world.


Ticino is also the birthplace of one of the most important chefs in world culinary history: Martino de Rubeis, born in the Blenio Valley and chef to some of the most important Courts during the 15th century, better known as Maestro Martino – the “prince of cooks,” as defined by Bartolomeo Sacchi.


The traditions of haute cuisine can still be found in many of the stunning and characteristic restaurants, a fact which only adds to the happy decision to live in this enchanting area. And the pleasures don’t stop here: fast means of public transport will take you from our facility to tourist spots and locations of matchless beauty, which make the value of being able to rent a home here even more evident.


The many possible treks and excursion routes include at least five routes that are recognised by all hiking enthusiasts as being amongst the best, since they are excursions dedicated to finding herbs. In fact, the climate is especially favourable in this area, and many herbs grow spontaneously here.


The reasons for choosing a rental home, a rented apartment in Lugano with us, are seemingly endless. In fact excursions include numerous alpine walks, such as the one up to Alpe Piora, home to the Centre of Alpine Biology, famous international institute researching the ecosystem, in an alpine setting of great beauty.


Piora is home to the alpine pastures that are renowned for the cheese of the same name, one of the best varieties in this Canton. To the less adventurous amongst you, those who don’t like to stray too far from home, we would like to remind you that Lugano is an international city, with lots of sports clubs for tennis, golf and swimming as well as excellent shopping centres and facilities.


So, what are you waiting for? Try life in Ticino? Try living with us in Lugano?


Living at our facility is like living in a rented home, but with us it’s you who choose the rental period.


Living with us offers you all of the benefits of a small rented home without needing to move and at reasonable rates (the cost of just three months’ rent) and you are sure to feel very much at home!