Restaurants, bars and clubs in Lugano – Ticino – Switzerland

Information supplied by La Residenza serviced apartments, Lugano

There are many, many restaurants, bars and clubs in and around Lugano. This is not a full guide to all of them; our aim is just to give the guests at our serviced apartments some useful information about where to enjoy lunch or dinner. Should there be any errors or inaccuracy or if you would like us to insert a link to your website, please contact us.

Restaurants – Lugano

Rôtisserie Cadro Panoramica 

6965 Cadro – Lugano Tel. +41 (0)919360707

Very elegant rotisserie with panoramic and heated veranda with magnificent views over Lugano, the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Prices vary generally from 20,00 to 32,00 FRS


Antica Osteria del Porto

6900 Lugano-Cassarate – Via Foce, 9 – Tel. +41 (0)919714200

A traditional old tavern dating back to the early 20th century at the mouth of the River Cassarate, opposite the public park (Parco Ciani).

Prices vary from 16.00 to 20.00 FRS for lunch


Ristorante Parco Saroli

6900 Lugano Centro – Viale Stefano Franscini, 8 – Tel. +41 (0)919235314

The Parco Saroli restaurant is located in the heart of Lugano’s financial district, a peaceful and classy premises, recommended in the Michelin Guide.

Prices from 15,00 to 25,00 FRS


Gourmet Ristorante Ticino 

6900 Lugano – Piazza Cioccaro, 1 – Tel. +41 (0)919227772

The Gourmet Ticino, recommended in the Michelin and Veronelli guides, is a gem in the heart of Lugano. A happy, successful combination of art, culture and gastronomy.


Ristorante Orologio

6900 Lugano centro – Via Nizzola, 2  – Tel. +41 (0)919232338

The Ristorante Orologio in Lugano is a traditional restaurant with fragrances and flavours and a passion for food that are just waiting to be discovered. Recommended by Gault Millau, Veronelli and Guide Bleu.

Prices vary from 30,00 to 45,00 FRS


6900 Lugano-Centro – Via Canonica 5  – Tel. +41 (0)919233766

Alegria’s is a unique restaurant, not just in Lugano but in the whole of Ticino. This is where Latin American cuisine comes together with Mediterranean and ethnic flavours. Mexican specialities.

Prices vary from 13,00 to 38,00 FRS


Ristorante Il Principe

6900 Paradiso – Via Guisan, 16 – Tel. +41 (0)919941319

Il Principe is very particular in terms of its refined decor. It is greatly appreciated for the delicacies served.

Prices from 10,00 to 18,00 FRS


Aris Bar – Hotel Ristorante

6900 Paradiso – Via Geretta, 8 – Tel. +41 (0)919941478

The Aris Bar is a restaurant serving typical local and international cuisine. It has a terrace with pergola and garden. The menu includes game in winter.

Prices from 16,00 to 26,00 FRS


Ristorante Oasis Albergo Eden

6900 Lugano Paradiso – Riva Paradiso, 1  – Tel. +41 (0)919859200

Restaurant with terrace overlooking Lake Lugano, complete with rooms for banquets and receptions. Modern and innovative Italian cuisine. The Oasis Albergo Eden restaurant is recommended by the Chaine de Rotisseurs guide.

Prices from 25,00 to 35,00 FRS


Ristorante Lord of Tillington, Albergo Victoria au lac

6900  Lugano Paradiso – Via Guisan, 3 – Tel. +41 (0)919942031

The restaurant is on the top terrace of the Hotel Victoria, in pure early 20th -century Art Nouveau style.

Prices from 15,00 to 19,00 FRS


Osteria Gabri 

6900 Lugano – Cassarate – Viale Castagnola, 35 – Tel. +41 (0)919710298

Osteria Gabri is a typical local and family-run hostelry.

Prices vary from 13,00 to 16,00 FRS


Ristorante Grotto al Bosco

6925 Gentilino – Via ai Grotti, 4 – Tel. +41 (0)919946776

A typical Ticino restaurant, in a woodland setting, just 5 minutes from the centre of Lugano.

Prices start at 13,00 FRS


Ristorante Grand Café Al Porto 

6900 Lugano Centro – Via Pessina, 3 – Tel. +41 (0)919105130

The Grand Café Al Porto is an historical restaurant with different rooms, which are also available for meetings and special occasions.

Prices from 18,00 to 30,00 FRS


Taqueria El Chilicuil

6900 Lugano Quartiere Maghetti – Corso Pestalozzi, 12 – Tel. +41 (0)919228226

Healthy, balanced and quick Mexican cooking. Take-away service available.

Prices from 8,00 to 15,00 FRS

Discos and Night Clubs in Lugano

Capo San Martino

Disco – Night Club – Restaurant – Pizzeria

6902 Paradiso Lugano – Via Cantonale Pazzallo – Tel. +41 (0)919945570



Night Club – Show – Dancing

6902 Paradiso Lugano – Riva Paradiso – Tel. +41 (0)919949724



House, 70’s – 80’s music, Rock

6900 Lugano – Piazza Dante, 8 – Tel. +41 (0)919229438



6900 Lugano – Via al Forte, 4 – Tel. +41 (0)919211197

An original disco with excellent cocktails and great music: Wednesdays: black music; Thursdays: special entertainment; Fridays and Saturdays, campaign girls.


Open every day from 10.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m.

Discobar Underground

6900 Lugano – Via Soave, 7

Disco Music


Morandi Disco Club

Disco and Piano Bar

Open from 11.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m. – Fridays, Saturdays and nights before public holidays

6900 Lugano – ViaTrevano, 56 – Tel. +41 (0)919712291


La Piccionaia

Night Club – Piano Bar

6900 Lugano – Via Pestalozzi, 21 – Tel. +41 (0)919234546


La Romantica

Dancing – Night Club: open daily from 9.30 p.m. – 5.00 a.m.

Live orchestra and international artistes

6815 Melide – Via Cantonale – Tel. +41 (0)916497521


Living Room

Disco – Evening bar (drum’n’bass, jungle, big beat, funk, two steps)

6900 Lugano – Via Trevano, 89/A – Tel. +41 (0)919701517