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Working and staying in Switzerland

Working in Lugano

Have you found a job in Lugano and now you need somewhere to stay?

La Residenza is the ideal solution.

Are you looking for a job in Ticino and you don’t want to miss a single opportunity? La Residenza is the ideal solution.

Does your company need to accommodate managers for brief periods for work in  Lugano?

The most cost-effective solution is La Residenza.

Are you thinking about starting up a new business in Canton Ticino and need to reside in the area for a certain period?

La Residenza is the best solution (see rates)

La Residenza – 37 rooms for rent, just a few metres from the lake, ideal for professionals seeking accommodation in Lugano.

Job Ticino

Job Ticino or Ticino job are terms found in all of the advertisements offering work in this Canton. However, it is more than just a name: it represents a goal for many workers from Switzerland and beyond. It means more than employment; it means a chance for a higher standard of living.


Having a job here, in the Lugano area, makes you very fortunate indeed: the area is stunning and a job here often becomes an opportunity to live in the wonderful city of Lugano.


However, it is difficult to start a new job and straightaway find the perfect living solution for you and your family. A good job here is doubtless a great opportunity, but housing is always a bit of a problem and sometimes this means moving, expenses and unforeseen problems.


The ideal solution would be to stay in a serviced apartment for a certain period of time; the time needed to assess the possibilities for a more permanent solution in Lugano; the time you need to make sure you are choosing the right home for you.


Even if you need to find a job, the possibility to stay a certain period in a serviced apartment in Lugano could be the ideal way to make the most of all the job interview opportunities in the Canton.


In fact many job advertisements are better answered if you have a local address and this way you can also attend different interviews at any time during the day, travelling easily on Lugano’s public transport network.


La Residenza is a perfect way to get to know the area: Castagnola is one of the most residential districts in the city of Lugano, surrounded by greenery and home to many cultural and sports facilities, yet it is just a short distance from the city centre.


La Residenza offers nice rooms, some of which have been recently enlarged to include a kitchenette; it is extremely close to Lake Lugano (second row of buildings from the shore) and many rooms offer spectacular panoramic views.


It has special arrangements with the next-door patisserie, Florean for breakfast; there is a daily concierge service and 24-hour assistance for urgent problems and emergencies. Bed linen and towels are changed weekly – the perfect solution for people working in these places with little time to spend on these things – and common areas are cleaned every day.


All 37 rooms have broad band and cable TV with 30 channels, so that you can relax after a day at work or job hunting. Our rates are very reasonable at it is possible to rent a mini apartment for just three months.


All this makes La Residenza in Lugano a perfect solution for those seeking a job in Canton or a job in Lugano, but also for those companies needing accommodation for managers or staff.


Recently, there have been lots of incentives to those companies that not only create jobs but also hold training or refresher courses for their managers or for young graduates seeking a Job Lugano.This means that short-term rentals can be the ideal solution for taking part in these professional courses that prepare you for getting a job.


New measures are in force in the Canton to make it easier for new businesses that will create job opportunities here.For this purpose, too, the opportunity to stay in the city of Lugano for a brief period and at reasonable cost, may be a factor that influences the setting up of new business.


There is a wide array of agencies specialising in Ticino Job and Job employment and today, through the internet, it is easier to see the areas in which Lugano and Canton are seeking employees.Of course, the banking and tertiary services sectors, tourism and incoming are always the most suitable areas for Ticino job opportunities, as well as the ones that require most mobility.


La Residenza offers you the chance to benefit from staying in a comfortable, welcoming facility that is professionally run and offers the utmost confidentiality, if you are in Lugano for work-related reasons, whether seeking a new position or needing to stay somewhere after finding a job in Lugano.


Moreover, staying in Lugano for work does not mean having to spend all your time at your job. The city of Lugano is a great tourist destination, with lots of visitors from all over the world and it offers a wide array of top-quality services both in terms of public transport, and links (railway station, airport, funicular railways and buses) and also culture (museums, exhibition, cultural events), leisure and relaxation (two Lugano Club tennis courts, a Lugano Golf Club, the Lido, and the Casino), plus stunning surroundings (great walks in parks and gardens,
but also hiking in the hills and mountains).


The location of La Residenza means that it has all of these services and leisure opportunities close at hand. It also has special agreements in place with the Lido.


Therefore, all those who choose La Residenza as the place from which to start their new job, will be able to enjoy three benefits in one: job, entertainment and a relaxing, comfortable home with a family atmosphere, where hospitality, professionalism, hygiene and cleanliness, and security are all put first to make a business stay a lot more pleasurable.