“La Residenza” serviced apartments for rent in Lugano

Why choose us?

Choosing one of our serviced apartments, above all for those working in Lugano, is a strategic choice and now we would like to show you just why:

On averages, a rented apartment in Lugano will cost between 700 and 900 FRS per month, but not in the city centre.

Normally, as well as the deposit, it is necessary to sign a 3- to 5-year lease, while our contracts are for 3 months only.

At our residence, the cost of utilities is included; in a rented apartment in Lugano, you would need to add the cost of utility bills and various other charges.

At home, in a rented apartment or bedsit, every week there is bed linen and bath towels to wash and iron, while at our serviced apartments, there is a weekly linen service – bath and bed – included in the price. Moreover, we also clean our rentedapartments every week.

The building also offers vending machines with sandwiches, soft drinks, coffee and snacks, which are useful for those returning late in the evening or leaving very early in the morning.

We should also mention that we have a fully equipped gym, with machines by leading manufacturer Tecnogym and freely available for use by those who have rented one of our serviced apartments.


Often those travelling for business do not have the time or the wish to cook for themselves when living in a rented apartment in Lugano; our serviced apartments has special arrangements in place with restaurants in the vicinity for those wishing to enjoy low-cost dinner/restaurant services. These include:

Ristorante La Lanchetta:

Viale Castagnola, 16 – 6900 Lugano

FRS. 20.–/person, DINNER OR BREAKFAST drinks not included.

Hotel Lido Seegarten:

Viale Castagnola, 22 – 6900 Lugano

FRS. 40.–/person, MAIN COURSE AND DESSERT (from the evening menu), as well as soft drinks.

FRS. 60.–/person, FULL DINNER MENU, as well as soft drinks.

We can also suggest the new “Flammkuchen/Pizze Alsaziane”, a delicious offer, starting from FRS. 12.–, up to a maximum of FRS. 16.– .

You should also not underestimate the central location of our apartments, which are just a few minutes’ walk from the heart of the city, meaning savings in terms of time, transport and parking.


Considering all of these elements together, probably even in terms of expense, it is more cost-effective for those seeking somewhere to rent in Lugano to stay in our serviced apartments rather than undertake the long-term lease and all of the unforeseen additional cost involved in paying for a rented apartment.

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